HSM/Rule Machine Feature Request

Is it possible to disable/enable an HSM custom rule via rule machine? I have a HSM custom rule that I would like to be able to disable/enable depending on the state of specific presence sensors (parents).

From what I can see it looks like RM can enable/disable "all" custom rules, but not specific ones?

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I don’t use RM Mark, but can’t you make the rule conditional on a switch i.e. if the switch is off don’t run?
That way you can tie it to a virtual switch to enable/disable

EDIT: ignore me... I just realised you were talking about HSM not RM :slight_smile:
(I don’t use that either)


As a workaround, how about creating a mode called Disabled, then set the HSM custom rule restrictions to be enabled for the modes you want, but don't include disabled? The create a RM rule that switches to disabled when the presence sensor enters one state and switches to the normal mode(s) when in another state.

Not at present. It isn't part of the HSM API at this point. Which isn't to say that it couldn't be in the future.

The part of the API dealing with custom rules needs to be changed, and there would need to be a mechanism created to publish a list of custom commands, along with commands to arm/disarm them.

I will look into this.

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Since the rule I want to enable/disable isn't "home wide" I don't want to use a mode to achieve it as it would interrupt other automations.

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I want this feature too. I used SharpTiles, so would like to be able to create a virtual switch that arms and disarms a specific custom HSM rule. When can we expect this feature in RM? Alternately, the HSM custom rule wizard could be modified to dynamically create a virtual switch for arm/disarm capability via on/off switch. Thoughts?

Is there some reason you don't just put this 'rule' in Rule Machine instead of HSM? Not discounting the feature request, simply observing that there is nothing particularly special about an HSM custom rule that can't be done in RM.

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