HSM Ring Keypad Issues

Ok so we use HSM for our security needs (yes I know but until someone makes an alarm integration that works natively with HE this is what we have settled on and yes i know about the Ring integration but we have had several problems with updates breaking the integration so we just use HSM with ring keypads).

So as I was saying before rambling off, after updating to the latest update I have been having issues. The first is when arming or disarming HSM there is now a 5 to 7 second delay before arming before the update it was instant so have anyone else notice the lag?

Next no trigger event with keypad codes will work it just will not recognize them now.

so my big question is does anyone else have this setup and are you having any issues as the ones I have mentioned. Thx for any help in advance.

I recently tried setting this up in rule machine and stumbled across the same issue where the keypad codes would not trigger an event (I have Ring Gen1 Keypads)

I worked with @bravenel on this so hopefully it will be fixed in an update.

I currently have a 30 second delay setup for arming to give us time to gather our things and walk out the door. As the household is sleeping at the moment I don't want to mess with things to remove the delay and test, but I could give it a shot in the morning.

Reply hello Brandon thx for the reply we have a 20 second delay but before that even starts it takes 5 to 7 seconds for it to even register to start the countdown, That’s what I was originally saying no matter what command I give the keypads before they respond there is a 5 to 7 second delay before HE will register it, but it wasn’t like that before I updated to the latest release and I am also using ring gen 1 keypads I have 2 Gen 1 keypads and 2 Gen 2 keypads but the Gen 1s are the only ones connected to HE I also just have Gen 1 iris contact sensors haven’t installed the ring contact sensors as of yet.

If you’ve already answered this, my apologies, but do you have the keypad paired with S2:Authenticated? If not, it may be worth excluding and then including with S2 as the Ring’s seem to function better with it.

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In addition to checking that the Keypad has S2 Access Control can you provide screenshots of your devices under Zwave Details. Ghost devices and devices with S0 security enabled can negatively affect your Mesh.

My keypad seems to respond almost instantly this morning when I tested it. I currently work from home and have mine set to auto arm so I rarely am the one to use the keypad, but have heard no complaints or noticed this delay myself.

Yes I have it S2 authenticated

Direct hub connection at 40kbps, and no other devices... mesh strength and response times could be improved by adding in some mains power devices that repeat. Gen 2 Ring Range Extenders generally work very well in this scenario.

Thebearmay, I convinced myself they weren’t needed because the hub is about maybe 10 feet from both keypads in each direction, we live in a 1 story rancher and we have no thick interior walls if I do need them man that’s strange, but anywho in another post I said I have some iris zigbee plugs installed I turned on the zwave side and it really sent thins into a tailspin so I excluded those then everything went back to normal then I upgraded the firmware and the slow down started.

40kbps will work, but does point out that there is some signal loss/interference. Shouldn’t be a 5-7 second delay, but that’s the only Zwave issue that I’m seeing. Are you running any apps that are generating errors in the logs or seeing any other devices that appear to be chatty?

No not really non that I’ve noticed, I’m currently installing a a gocontrol model PS15Z-2 it’s a rebranded linear plug paperwork says it repeats I’ll post an updated zwave detail screen shot after I install.

Ok so I included the plug but I’m still seeing only 40kbps thinking maybe I should move my hub I have all of my hubs in about a 3 foot radius.

After you move the hub you could also try a repair on each of the keypads and then try arming again to see if the delay persists or has been resolved. Not seeing anything obvious here.

Ok thx everyone for the help