HSM Restore with clear

Guys looking more for a tip as this seems strange for me not to figure out.

How do you revert your lights to previous state after an HSM Alert is triggered?

I have my HSM Alerts to change the colours of my lights, if I clear the Alert the lights stay on Alert Status and don't return to previous state?
Is this even possible in HE?

In theory, HSM captures the states before alerting and restore when clear. For ON/OFF, I find it's pretty reliable but color is all over the place for restore.

I seen this too, HSM is not restoring the previous state of the lights after click cancel, and when I click cancel to a water alert it turns on the lights I have selected for intrusion instead for water, but nobody pays attention to me...

I am paying attention. I found an issue with HSM with respect to how it was capturing lights before the light alert, and that is fixed in the next release. This would have caused issues with some color lights. I intend to continue to push on these issues.


Thanks!, that includes my issue with water? Or that is not related? I have a thread open for that but no reply or suggestions yet.

I replied to that thread. I need more information. I'll do some specific testing around this issue.

Ok, thanks.

Sorry to bump an old thread, I just had a leak sensor detect water and HSM did its job and turned off the water main valve and turned on a handful of lights. But upon clearing, a few of the lights were restored to off and the water valve remained closed (which I suspect is by design and preferred).

I checked the log around the time I cleared HSM and it shows no activity for those few lights that should have been restored to off.

HSM grabs the then current state of the lights just before the "lights" alert. That is what gets restored later. It is possible that those states had not been correctly updated, depending on what type of lights these are.

The lights that didn't restore is a Lutron Caseta switch, three Peanut Zigbee switches in the same room as the hub, and a cheapo generic zigbee dimmer the floor above the hub. The other Caseta and Zigbee devices were restored properly. The Caseta switch that failed to restore is a light that we essentially never use, so was likely last controlled by Hubitat - though probably some time ago.

I had this same issue tonight. Since this was a year and a half ago, I imagine this old issue has since been addressed but now resurfaced. I am running I had a water leak event. The lights were supposed to flash blue. They instead turned solid blue. But that was sufficient notice. Canceled the alerts, but the lights are staying blue. Any ideas?

Nah, it still happens for me. I gave up on it since HSM doesn't really go into an alarm state often enough to be much of a bother.

Well, that’s a shame. @bravenel did you give up on it too?

Please show your HSM setup as a screenshot.

The flash feature is a device function. Some devices do not support flashing. There will be an error in the logs in this case. In any event, it is not possible to select a color for flashing.

Even if those lights were capable of flash, setting them to Blue at 100 immediately after would stop the flashing. What you see is the order of events.

Next release of HSM will only allow lights capable of flash to be selected for that.

I see. I guess you can’t set the color and flash at the same time. That was what I expected.

Still, the restore functionality seems to not be working regardless.