HSM re-arm when away

I have everything working to arm in away mode whenever all members of my family leave the house. The issue I'm having is when I have someone stop over to check the house when I'm away. Their code unlocks the door and disarms the system. How can I have it say something like this?

  • Everyone away and system disarmed, re-arm after 30 minutes?

I think that this might be possible in RM, maybe like this!?

Edit: Made a small adjustment in the example with the delay.

Do you have a smart lock that you use?
This is what I do when my "Domestic assistant" comes to clean my house.
lock code XXXX is entered set mode to home - which disarms hsm.
When she leaves, she uses her code again and it sets mode back to away and arms hsm.
You could also give them a presence detector like the smartthings arrival sensor. They work fairly well.
Just a thought.

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I have a smart lock but it auto-locks after 60 seconds, which I have configured. So she puts the code in several times when at the house. I'll try what Carl listed above and see how that works.

I also have a tablet at the entry way running sharptools which we use when we come and go to arm the house. I just didn't want to worry about her remembering to do it or not. (She isn't very techy and would just be confused)


i have auto lock too. Perhaps a different code to set mode to away to set shm? The auto lock will lock it again.

So I've created the conditional trigger with the IF/THEN for the presence and also added another condition that all the motion sensors are inactive. I'll see how this plays out. Thanks again, I didn't know about the IF/THEN conditional statements.

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