HSM - prevent repetitive intrusion alerts?

I have contact sensors on garage and backdoor. While we are home, I use HSM-home arm option, so that I get announcements if the garage door or back door is opened. This part is working great.

A number is times we need to open close the door multiple times, such as while taking in groceries from the car via garage door... And this causes Hubitat to announce every time we open door. I know this is working as designed, but this gets annoying when you need to open door multiple times on a short span of time... And might not want to open dashboard to disarm house.

Is there a way to configure HSM so that intrusion alert happens only once, every x minutes. So if I open same door 5 times in 2 mins, I don't get 5 announcements?

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I am new here so this is just an idea. A virtual switch that is turned on when that door is open that has a rule to turn it back off after 2 min. Then use the virtual switch in your HSM.

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