HSM Possible Improvement

I noticed that when HSM cancels arming because a door/window is open, it does not specify which device is preventing the arm process. I think it would be beneficial to have it notify the user which particular device is actually preventing HSM from arming.

For example with leak detection in HSM it will actually specify which leak sensor has detected a leak when you are notified.

Eliminate this(leave it blank) and you will able to arm with a contact open, to get a notification of what device is open you must create a rule in rule machine.

This was my point for bringing this up is I do not want it to arm the system if a door/window is open, but I do want to know which device is preventing the arming.

Creating a rule just for this notification seems a bit much, when other parts of HSM already notify you of which device.

I know, but other users including me requested the same and the answer was that. Maybe in the future they will add it, if they see so many users are requesting the same.

Ah I didn't know others had also requested this feature. I mean it does make sense, especially if you have a lot of devices. It would be like HSM notifying you about a leak and not specifying which sensor.

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You can add this to the alert text by putting %device% in the text.

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Thanks, I will try that out.