HSM on 2 HE

I have 2 HE hubs on same LAN. One controls the house and the other controls the shop. I am wanting to have the house HE HSM push state change to the shop HE HSM. Basically the shop follows the house HSM status. Is this possible without making VD and using RM? If not, what the best approach for me to set this up?

I believe Hub Mesh will do what you want.

Just playing with this scenario yesterday and no way that I’ve found to push the alarm state from one hub to the other directly. Couple of ways that I’m thinking of approaching this:

  1. Have a rule (I use webCoRE, but RM should work also) that sends the status to rule on the second hub using an endpoint. Second rule sets HSM on the second hub.

  2. Same as #1, but use Node-Red as the intermediary (I have a prototype of this working now).

Does HubConnect do this? It’s been a while since I’ve used it and I didn’t need it to sync HSM states across hubs, but it’s able to do some other things Hub Mesh doesn’t currently support. Tagging @csteele. @aaiyar might know as well.

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Not directly. AFAIK, It’ll perpetuate mode changes across hubs, but not HSM states directly.


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Where can I find HubConnect?

I would recommend installing/using HubConnect 2.0 RC1, and not the older 1.6.4.

Well, I did preface it with ‘I believe” :wink: