HSM light alerts problem

Hub - C5, Ver
When configuring lights alert for HSM and selecting an ecosmart bulb to flash it shows as being selected for flash in “Intrusion-Night” summary as was intended. However revisiting Light Alerts and removing it by selecting no lights to flash does not remove the action from the summary.

Is this a known bug? Does anyone know of a way to correct this?
Many thanks to anyone who may have a suggestion.

I though I saw a similar report not long ago and it turned out to be a bug that was going to get corrected, but I have tried searching the forum and I can't find the report. You are a couple minor releases behind... and there are a couple of HSM fixes in .124. Might be worth an update just to make sure.

@bravenel does this look familiar or am I losing it?

See this, where it was fixed in

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Thanks for your comment, Update on the way.

Thanks, much appreciated.