HSM leak detection

I am new to hubitat, from smartthings.

I have HSM set up to notify me of a leak on my many water sensors. I want to close my Dome shutoff valve if the water sensors stay wet for a minute, to avoid my wife splashing water on a sensor when cleaning it, and the whole house water being turned off, while Im not home.

What is the best way to achieve this?

I'm not sure HSM can do that (with the minute). It's basically just looking for any change in status.

My house cleaners have hit one of the sensors with a damp rag on more than one occasion. I have a notification setup to tell me if the valve is ever closed (and tells the house via alexa). HSM is setup to automatically close the valve if one is tripped.

I have the water valve routed to Alexa where I can easily turn on the water valve with my voice if needed. I would have to clear the HSM alert anyway because I have lighting and audio alerts connected to my leak detection.

You could use Rule Machine to do this:

Here’s how to setup the Wait for Expression action:

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