HSM - intrusion Home - No alarm - Java Exception in Log

Using Konnected Pro for wired sensors and a few Zigbee sensors on y Hubitat. Have been tuning the system and cleaned up the Konnected wiring recently. Testing my alarms and I am not getting the actions as programmed in HSM. The logs show the Konnected device triggered followed by:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'entry' is not supported by device. on line 925 (intrusionHandlerHome)

Have not tested Intrusion Away for same problem, yet.
Any ideas on what is broken? Not only have I made many Hubitat changes, but I also had replace my Konnected board. So, all my device names were changed. But I did update everything in HSM and everywhere else. Konnected is doing its job. I also use the Virtual Keypad, but I don't think it is in away the problem.

I am considering the radical move of making a backup, resetting my Hubitat to factory, and restoring my configuration.

Thanks for any ideas in advance.

That would seem to be a rather extreme reaction to this, and probably wouldn't resolve your issue.

I don't have Konnected so others will need to chime in, but just to clarify, is the error coming from the Konnected device driver or the HSM app? (Logs should have a device/app ID that you can click on to see.)

The Java exception is from app:295
Messages from Konnected are from app:492

app:295 is also the source of all messages reporting Konnected activations, such as:

app:295 date..time INFO Wire - Window - Study (2) is closed

I should have included that information in my report.

If you look above in the log after clicking on the app ID for 295, what is the name of the app that is highlighted?

Hubitat(r) Safety Monitor

I had no idea you could do that, it's a link. Cool and thanks.

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Same problem, different Java function and line of code, for any attempt to arm Hubitat.
No response from Hubitat other than a generic :it has been passed on to our engineering team"

The Hubitat has been in use over a year with many additions, deletions, updates, and you name it. Do these things get flaky?

I am doing Soft Resets, creating an entirely new configuration, and then going back to original configuration as I work on it. At some point I'll do a factory reset once my new configuration is ready.

Is there any other option?

My latest (app:295 is HSM):
app:295 2021-03-11 18:13:59.014 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'armHome' is not supported by device. on line 1275 (appArmHandler)
app:295 2021-03-11 18:13:23.713 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'setExitDelay' is not supported by device. on line 1440 (mainPage)

Anyone else had such a problem?

I am about to trash Hubitat and all my investment in Zigbee to go smart things or something else.


This looks like you have a keypad setup.. what device and driver are you using?


I have 3 keypads:
2 Centralite 3400s (Zigbee)
1 Virtual Keypad (and a template VK)

Hope that answers which drivers I am using. I use the Package Manager to keep updated. I'm pasting the list of all drivers below as well.
I most often use the Virtual Keypad, but I have observed the exception on a Centralite activation (yesterday for example).

It is driving me nuts and I've assumed it is my frequent changes to the configuration, though Hubitat seems tolerant of this over my multiple iterations setting up the Virtual Keypad.

I'm trying a totally new one and cannot get my Konnected to register wired or Wifi, more going nuts.

I'll be restoring my last config on Hubitat next.

HSM doesn't like something, not a Java person, retired embedded C, C++ in deep dark past.



Konnected Beep/Blink konnected-io Actuator, Alarm, Switch, Momentary, Tone 2020-09-30 06:33:59 EDT

Konnected Contact Sensor konnected-io ContactSensor, Sensor 2020-08-14 22:08:23 EDT

Konnected Motion Sensor konnected-io MotionSensor, Sensor 2020-08-14 22:07:03 EDT

Konnected Siren/Strobe|konnected-io|Actuator, Switch, Alarm|2020-08-14 22:09:03 EDT

Virtual Keypad mbarone LockCodes, SecurityKeypad 2021-02-18 19:10:18 EST

Virtual Keypad Button Child mbarone Actuator, TamperAlert, Switch, Momentary, PushableButton 2021-02-18 19:10:19 EST

Virtual Keypad Input Display Child mbarone Notification 2021-02-18 19:10:19 EST

I just updated the Virtual Keypad code to a new version which removed the "SecurityKeypad" capability as it was conflicting with the shared commands of "LockCodes" and preventing adding/editing lock codes directly from the virtual keypad device. (more info in the release thread)

This update will not allow you to add the virtual keypad device to HSM or other apps that allow you to attach "SecurityKeypad" devices to. But this may solve the error you are seeing as I did not use the standard armHome/etc or setExitDelay/setEntryDelay commands that are built into the "SecurtyKeypad" capability as the VK app uses its own logic for running those commands and as such I would expect that error to show up (....is not supported by device) because those commands were never supported.

Im not sure if this will help with your current issue, but should remove the VK app from the potential issues list.

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I ran HPM and installed the update. Thanks for looking at this.
Restarted Hubitat.
Used a Centralite keypad to engage Armed Home. Java Exception.
Used Virtual Keypad to engage Armed Home. Java Exception.
Same exception as before.

If I delete my Virtual Keypads, delete the VK drivers, delete the VK apps and restart, will I have an alarm system?
From what you say, the answer is quite possibly,
Since I have all that backed up, I can restore it later when the code is developed and have a working alarm until then.

Seems like I can do that and see. Goin to try,


I don’t think you need to do all that.. Just remove virtual keypad from the keypads list in HSM

As this expects Security Keypad capability

Well, I jumped ahead and did it.
Looks like I have a working alarm now.
So, based on above (Thanks bcopeland!!), I am going to:
Save a working backup of this basic alarm setup
Soft Reset
Restore my VK backup again :slightly_smiling_face:
Disable the VK "Main Keypad" in my local vernacular

And here we go...
I had to do so much to get the VK working, I forgotten all the moving parts.


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That was great help.
So I now again have my prior configuration that includes VK, but I can't use it, but I do seem to have an alarm system again.

So cheers to the Hubitat Community and Hubitat staff.
The silly thing is quite robust in the end with it being this easy to fix.
I had not been following the VK discussion thread because it was working so well. I'll be following it again and look forward to having my VK back one day. I kind of liked it. Never did wall mount a pad. Decided pads (iPads here) need to be free!

Thanks all.


Pleasant and unexpected surprise with the fix, the Virtual Keypad alarm controls still work.

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