HSM - Giving Water Sensor alert when devices have been deleted

Hi @bravenel
I'm not sure if I've found a bug or not but thought I would report it to you.
I had defined a water leak sensors under the 'water' section of HSM.
I have since deleted them but when one goes active it shows as an 'Alert' in red against the app.
As you can see nothing is defined.


Under event subscriptions it shows the devices that were there previously.


If I open up HSM and select done the red alert notification goes.
Any thoughts?

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Did you actually hit Done after making the changes? Did you have "Use all x" selected?

Show the Settings from App Status page.

Yes to both. Hit done and selected use all.

If you have Use All, then wouldn't you expect to be alerted? What you show above does not have it selected. What was its prior state?

When I set it up I used the 'Use all' button.
As you can see it is no longer selected so therefore I have no devices selected.

I had the same issue - I had one sensor manually selected and then unchecked it at some later time. Notifications kept coming even though the sensor was no longer connected. I had to completely remove HSM and set it up again (without that sensor) to stop those notifications.

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I need to see the Settings from App Status page.

Nevermind. I found the bug. Fix coming....



Thanks Bruce. :+1:

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