HSM Generating Alarms Even When Disabled

OK, this has happened a few weeks in a row now. I think it started with 2.1.8, but am not 100% sure.

  1. I have water sensors setup in HSM
  2. When the maids come, I always DISARM the smoke/water alarming because they get sloppy/carried away with the mopping
  3. The last two weeks, maids start mopping and sure enough - I get sirens blaring, water valves closing, etc.

Is this a known issue @bravenel or something new?

Here's a test from the system events. It isn't aq flase alarm, per se, as one of the water sensord was indeed wet. But what is new is alarming even though it shows as DISARMED on the HSM app...

How did you do the disarmAll? Why is there another disarm event 1 second later? What sequence of steps did you do?

Good thought/question.

I disarm it with an RM rule (below). The second one might be coming in through HubConnect though. I'll try turning off HSM sync in HubConnect tomorrow and see if that part goes away.

I bet that is the issue... Thanks @bravenel.