HSM Feature Request // Turn Sensor-Triggered-Something-Off after X period of time

Configured HSM Custom alarm,
triggered by Smartthings Multipurpose V5 (vibration),
message sent (thank you erktrek)
light is turned ON

BUT...I'm not seeing where I can set a duration for the ON state of the light.

I'm sure I can dig into Rule Machine and make this happen. Just wondering if there is something I am missing in the standard HSM setup. Seems like turning off whatever was turned on by an alarm should have an unattended way to turn it off after some period of quiescence.

I'm sure I'm going to hear about this if I've overlooked the option (or built-in HSM way to accomplish this). If not, speak up if you agree it needs to be there and somebody will hopefully move this to the Wish List. Thanks in advance.

One way would be to put a delay action, then have the Off action after that. At least in normal Rules. I do not use HSM.

Thanks for that.

This may raise the question of how far one can, or should, expect HSM to go towards handling events.

In the mean time, I think you'd have to create a virtual switch and have HSM turn that on then have a RM rule or Simple Lighting rule setup to turn on the lights when that virtual switch is turned on and of after so much time, you'd probably either want to turn the virtual off at the same time or in the virtual switches preferences set it to auto turn off after a few seconds.

Bingo, thanks!

Played around with this a bit and your comment of "In the mean time" is appropriate.

The layering/complexity introduced to have this "timer option" in HSM is more than what one should have to build. Granted it's doable as described but I'd hate to propagate this kind of virtual device layering too often within HSM for such capability.

We are talking "HSM". It's basic Security System functionality for triggered alarm responses to be self healing/reset after x-time assuming sensor quiescence. Not looking to replicate a certified Security System here but this functionality ought to be on the menu in the configuration of an HSM environment ...without too much layered customization.

Granted the beauty of Hubitat is that there are flexible options to solve many objectives. Just have to revisit the question of how much new adopters should be expected to "make stuff themselves" vs putting the most logical bells & whistles right there ready for configuration.

Help me put this in the Wish List if there is agreement.

Does this thread need to be moved to get that functionality "in the queue".

I'd suggest adding the request to the Feature Requests catagory

Moved to Feature Requests after last night's Hubitat Live where Bruce @bravenel talked about HSM.

There was a point in his presentation where it would have been fitting to hear..."and you can also configure this to revert to the pre-alarmed state automatically after X amount of time instead of having to go in and cancel the alarm". I.E. for those pesky sirens, or in my case, lighting that was triggered ON to thwart intrusion.... which I am happy to have automatically revert to OFF after 15 minutes.

This can be done in Rule Machine based on the trigger of the alert in HSM. However, that will not clear the Alert. Once alerted, the only way to clear the alert is to clear the alert. And any switches that you turn on via the Alert, in the HSM config, will revert to their pre-alert status once the alert is cleared. So, if your "sensor" has the switch capability, that functionality already exists in Hubitat.

Just use RM, as follows: