HSM Exit Delay Notifications


Would it be possible to have the exit delay (when set) for Away countdown or give some feedback that you need to exit in the next X number if seconds?

i.e. like a typical alarm system would do, either beeping or voice notifications

I create a rule for entering when Armed-Away and a sensor is opened... using TTS with my Sonos it reminds the person to disarm. I just have the TTS repeating the message for about 20 seconds but can't seem to find a rule for Arm-Away with delay.


You can do this with the security keypad devices -- they beep the countdown, and can be used to arm/disarm. Will take a look at providing a means to do this with Rule Machine.


What keypad devices are supported?

Would be much better in HSM or via Rule Machine in my opinion, opens up more options.


Iris and Centralite, also branded Xfinity. These are Zigbee security keypads that work well with HSM.


Being able to subscribe to the HSM exit delay event and HSM entry delay event in RM along with exposing the delay seconds would be ideal. I would use this to issue TTS messages such as "The system is arming in nn seconds, please exit the facility." or "Please enter your pin on the keypad".

Also if possible, when arming from a keypad and Exit Delay (assume system is still unarmed) is Cancelled from keypad prior arming, an event notification such as ArmCancel would be something I could use to issue a TTS "System Disarmed". Needed because the system arm state or mode never changes in this this scenario.


Thanks, these are good ideas.


Fantastic ideas, and move HSM one step closed to replicating the traditional home security system. The TTS count down would be great, for both entry and exit delays.

The exit delay TTS/some kind of notice is critical though, as right now you hit ARM AWAY and there is no indication unless you're logged into the web interface that the command was even accepted.

Exit TTS idea - TTS <System arming away, please exit now> -- Then have TTS do something like <30 seconds remaining to exit> -- <20 seconds remaining to exit> -- <10 seconds remaining to exit> -- <System Armed Away, all secure>

Reverse this on the entry for delayed doors.

I really do not want to use those cheap looking keypads, I much prefer to keep it on my wall mounted tablet/dashboard interface.


Any update on whether any of these are going to be considered for the next (or future) releases? Trying to decide if I need to buy a 3rd keypad for upstairs just for notifications of arming/disarming.


I don't know what you are referring to.


Exposing the exit delay or alarm delay through RM so you can notify through other means than just the keypads.


It's on the list, just haven't gotten to it yet.


Okay, thanks.


Any timeline on when we can expect to see this?

Just had another false alarm as we did not know how much time left to exit. Even a simple form of sounding a buzzer/beeper would be fine for now. But since HSM ARM-AWAY does not report until the delay has ended there is no way to create a rule around this.



Development and testing on this has been completed. It may be in the next release.


Was this feature in the last release? I didn't see it in the release notes.


Yes, you can now subscribe to the exit delay.


I see the delay, but how do you get your siren to issue a warning beep as it counts down the delay?


You would need a device handler to issue a pulse to the siren. I used a a small buzzer wired to a Konnected board and have a rule setup in RM to turn on the buzzer in "beep/pulse" mode for 30 seconds when the exit delay is subscribed. I did the reverse on entry as a reminder to disarm.

I would post my code/rules but to be honest, I am not longer using HSM for security -- was more of a project "could I get it to work as a replacement security system". The answer was yes, for the most part. However, I simply can not rely on a home automation device for life safety and have since went back to a traditional security system. To each their own though. :slight_smile:


Depends on the siren. The dome has a "beep" function but it only beeps once. My exit delay is 30seconds and I have a20 second MP3 that I play during exit delay.


Waking this topic up again... Seems like it is never going to die!

HE V2.0.4.118

HSM set to a 60s Armed-Away delay [Just to spell this out for my edification, I understand that this means if HSM enters Armed Away mode, it is delayed by 60s before an alert is given]

Changing the delay value in HSM is ALWAYS correctly reflected in the keypad device (as show further blow), so safely assume changing it to 30s is reflected accurately

Using an Iris branded 3405-L keypad with the built-in system Centralie Keypad driver

The keypad reflects a 60s delay:

There are 3 buttons on this keypad: OFF, PARTIAL & ON, corresponding to HSM states of Alarm Off, Armed Home and Armed Away

When I press the keypad ON button, it starts a 60s countdown, with corresponding beeps, and the last 15s of beeps being very rapid.

I have the following RM rule:

My expectation is that when the 60s countdown is started upon pressing the keypad ON button, as is evident from the beeps on the keypad, the RM rule should trigger and speaks some goodies [safely assume the speak function does work!]

In reality the condition is never met...


For the Keypad

For the RM Rule:

For HSM:

Am I just barking up the wrong tree?