HSM Enhancement to turn lights on / set bulbs

This is a suggestion for a possible HSM enhancement.

One of my main uses for HSM is leak detection. When a leak is detected, I have HSM shut a main water valve and set some lights to Red to indicate the problem. All pretty standard stuff.

What I'd like is a enhancement where, if water is triggered, before turning on lights, setting dim levels, changing colors, etc., HSM first captures the state of all of the light devices selected for the HSM alert. Then, later, when the alarms are cleared, that state gets restored. On the UI, this might be as simple as a toggle "Restore light state after alert clears" or something like this. Functionally, this would be kind of like the "Capture/Restore" ability in Rule Machine 5.1

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I'm dealing with this right now after adding color bulbs. In a number of cases it would be nice if things "just reset and went back to the way they were" after 15 minutes or so.

I have long thought that about this for HSM siren triggering events as well. This is an option in EVERY single Alarm System you can buy out there ...and thus accommodates false alarms, errant sensors, and reset/rearm without ANY user intervention.

And I'm recollecting comments I read early on where people would say, "oh, I use RM for that kind of stuff" (presumably for reasons of handling things along the lines of what you suggest).

I'm at that same decision point but really don't want to reinvent the wheel when the wheel just needs a few more spokes.

Yes, I think this could all be done in Rule Machine, but HSM is such a nice simple interface for this purpose. Maybe this gets solved with something like a "Capture" in the Actions block, and also have an "Actions when cleared" block where the lights can be restored (and water valves re-opened).

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