HSM Delayed Arming UI Problem


I've noticed that if I set a "delayed arm" option in HSM it doesn't appear to update the UI correctly in the apps page correctly. It does change from intrusion disarmed to arming home/away but doesn't update to armed home/away after the delay is over. However, the dashboard tile and notification icon in the top of the UI does update properly. Doesn't appear to hinder the function just pointing out a possible UI problem?



I have this problem as well. Did do a post of it many many moons ago, never did an answer. I have also seen at least 2 other people post about this. So yes, a very real issue.

Same here. I’ve just learned to deal with it.

I have been testing Hubitat for about 3 months. Some things I really love the scalability and programming are both great. The HSM is the complete downfall. In my case I have some examples:

Geofence detects both parties leaving, sets away mode and the system arms within a minute of each other.

When returning we always have to manually disarm the alarm, I can live with that part, then the hub disarms 4-10 minutes later on it’s own.

At times the system will re-arm itself even after home made is set by geofence. You have to manually disarm the alarm again.

There are other scenarios that follow the above trend. One function that isn’t delayed is telling me that a zone isn’t secured it will fail to set alarm and notify me.

My overall opinion on the features that I enjoy is that Vera actually worked much better for a DIY solution in terms of reliability.

I have enjoyed testing the Hubitat but, I’m looking for another long term solution. My wife is fed up with annoyances as well, that’s the final push.

I'm sorry to say, but I highly doubt that either the hub nor HSM is your issue here. The zone set-up in the hub will surely not change unless someone is messing with it. To control presence with phones can be a tricky thing and the milage will vary for all of us.

What many are doing is combining presence detection with several alternatives, such as Life 360, Locative, WiFi and naturally the official phone-app. There are a few community apps available to achieve this. As a last resort you can also use a key fob, there are both Zigbee and Z-Wave variants if you look around.

Perhaps you've already made up your mind to jump ship, but from my own experience HE is not any better or worse compared to HASS or ST, as I'm trying to describe above! :wink:

I haven’t made up my mind completely. The network is in tact. I only use the built in iPhone presence for geofence, meaning the official phone app. The delay is not present for returning home, it’s disarming the alarm. I finally got past testing to make sure I understood the interfaces correctly. It’s simply the delay in disarm. I have to pull my gz0004 garage door controllers off because it would spontaneously open one. I have had these same garage controllers on Vera for years and this never ever happened, not even once. I check the logs and no evidence. Inspection of connectivity of the device is in perfect shape. I’ve got over a decade experience with HA in general, 9 years in the ZWave realm. What else could I look at?