HSM automatic disarm when arriving home

Under "Configure automatic arm" we have the options of arming when mode becomes Away, Day, Evening, or Night.

We also have the same options for automatically disarming HSM.

I think it would make more sense to have Arrival as an option for automatically disarming. This way we can have the system arm when we leave and disarm when we arrive.

Simply use leaving and arriving to set the mode. See the built-in app Mode Manager.

Okay, i'm looking at Mode Manager. I can see it gives me more options for configuring Day, Night, Evening, and Away, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to create something equivalent to an Arrive mode. I do see "Use time settings for Return from Away" but I don't want my arrival mode to be linked to the time of day.

Set you modes up with times. Set Away mode with all presence sensors leave. Select "Use time settings for Return from Away".

Now what will happen is that your modes will change as indicated for the times of day, assuming that someone is home. If everyone leaves, then mode will become Away. It will remain Away until someone returns (arrives). Then it will switch to whatever mode is appropriate for that time of day. That's your "arrival".

Then in HSM choose Day, Evening and Night to disarm Armed-Away.

Okay, that makes sense.

It seems like this would cause conflicts with routines that are independent of whether I'm home or away. For example, I have some lights that I want to turn on at night regardless of whether I'm home or not. As far as I can tell there's no way to have the mode set to Night and Away at the same time.

Then don't trigger these with mode, and don't restrict them coming on with mode. Mode is only relevant where you choose to make it relevant.

I think that this thread has been helpful but so far this is the first truly confusing part of setting up Hubitat. ( New Wink refugee as of today ).

I love what HSM is doing, but tying it to the 'modes' doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I want exactly what the original post is suggesting. Turn it on when i leave, turn it off when I arrive. I don't need day, evening or what have you, though i can see how that might be handy. But tying it to the state of the 'alarm' makes no senes to me.

My interpretation of this thread is that the best that i can do is setup the 'Mode Manager' to be 'Away' when i leave and just witch to 'Day' when i arrive. And then set HSM to 'Arm' when 'Away' and disarm when i switch to 'Day'. Just really odd to tie the state of the alarm to day or night. Some times we go out at night!

Then name your modes "home" and "away". You can call them whatever your needs are.

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In addition to what @oldcomputerwiz said, you can also have different subsets of sensors that are monitored by HSM for each mode.

For instance, I have three modes (Home, Away, Sleep). My HSM shifts from ArmedHome to ArmedAway to ArmedSleep depending on the mode. It is never in a disarmed state.

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Interesting. This may be a dumb question since i'm pretty new with this device but... how does it progress from mode to mode? Is it purely based on time of day?

I move from night mode to morning mode based on movement. I monitor certain motion sensors and when one gets active after 5am then I change to morning mode. I do this with a rule in rule machine.

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I want to add to @oldcomputerwiz's response.

I have 3 modes (Home, Away, Sleep) and 3 corresponding HSM armed states. I control change in HSM armed states as the Mode changes. My Mode changes are controlled as follows:

Home to Away: determined by presence
Away to Home: determined by presence
Home to Sleep: determined by time or an Alexa trigger (Alexa goodnight)
Sleep to Home: determined by time (which is set via a variable)


I have matching home/away modes through the day:
Modes (some):
Home-Day, Home- Evening, Home-Night
Away-Day, Away-Evening, Away-Night

Armed Home - many of the home sensors will set off alarms, Other parts of the home free to move around.
Armed Night - all but some selected motion sensors in bedrooms will set off alarm
Armed Away - all sensors will set off alarms


  • When everyone leaves of course the whole home alarm system gets armed. Regardless of time of day or mode. (Armed Away. Set by modes: Away Day, Away Evening or Away-Night which are driven by presence)

  • When we are at home, in the evening, we usually close off a large portion of the home and arm the sensors in that closed off portion. This is a manual operation. (Armed Home)

  • Then at bed time, also if at home, we set the alarm so that all except selected bedroom motion sensors will sound alarm. This is also a manual action. (Armed Night)

Disarming the system depends somewhat on the time of day mode as well as whether all are out or some or all are home. Whole lot going on here....

  • if the system was "Armed Away" (meaning everyone is out) and the mode either Away Day or Away Evening then the whole system is disarmed on any 1 person's arrival home. Allows access to all parts of the home.

  • if the System was Armed Away mode was "Away-Night" then only some sensors are disarmed when someone arrives home. The closed off portion of the home remains armed. Everyone knows not to enter those parts of the home so late at night. But this does allow entry to the essential portions of the home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, even to watch tv etc) without tripping alarms.

  • if armed "Armed Home" (meaning at least one person is home) then a new arrival home will disarm all sensors. Allowing access to all the home.

  • if "Armed Night" (meaning all at home have gone to bed) then:
    -- if someone else arrives home only some sensors are disarmed. The closed off portion remains armed. Everyone knows not to enter those closed parts of the home so late at night. But this does however allow entry to the essential portions of the home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, even to watch tv etc) without tripping alarms. i.e. auto switches "Armed Night" to "Armed Home"
    --if someone already at home (in bed) gets out of bed ....remember those selected motion sensors mentioned above? The ones in bedroom(s) that don't set off the alarm. What they do is also automatically set "Armed Night" to "Armed Home" also allowing access to parts of the home.
    --in both the above cases of auto-switching from "Armed Night" to "Armed Home" the system auto reverts back to "Armed Night". The rearming is inhibited by waits should any motion sensor still be active or by certain switches being on (AppleTV, TV, Plex, xBOX, or certain reading lights). When all those sensors and switches are off/inactive then the system auto-sets "Armed Night" again.

There are a lot of other things that go on as part of these comings and goings. Things like courtesy lighting being turned on and off at differing levels of brightness day/evening/night modes. But I won't go into that here - it might make this post too long and complicated. smirk

(several edits for clarity)

Hey, this was really helpful. I've since read some, and watched some youtube videos about mode manager. It's starting to make senes but i have a question that i cant find the answer to.

If i have multiple away modes, with different light settings that trigger based on presence and time. Will the away modes change based on time even if we're away for days? My goal is to have the lights come on and go off even when i'm not at home, but not at the same time or frequency as when we're around.

When I set my system up with:
3 different "away" modes (AwayDay/AwayEvening/AwayNight) and
3 different home modes (HomeDay/HomeEvening/HomeNight)

I assumed that I would have problems if I wanted ModeManager to, for example, have HomeDay and AwayDay to both start at 6am and end at 7pm. Was and still am uncertain it would magically know which to choose based on whether anyone was home or all were out.

So what I did is that all the Home modes (Day/Evening/Night) are set by time of day. They change automatically as the day progresses.

I have the three Away modes set whenever all depart home - AwayDay is chosen when all depart between certain times of day. AwayEvening is set when all depart between certain times I deem evening. AwayNight is set ...(yeah you got the drift...). In this case ModeManager does not automatically move AwayDay to AwayEvening to AwayNight automatically. The mode chosen is just set by time of day all departed.

I don't do this, but if I wanted the AwayModes to change at certain times of day while I am away I would probably use RuleMachine to do the work. Something like:

  • At 0558 check if mode is AwayNight or AwayEvening and if so change to AwayDay.
  • At 1858 check if current mode is AwayDay or AwayNight and if so change to AwayEvening...
  • etc... then any fun things you want in the different away modes will run as you set them to do.

Or just don't bother and have one Away mode. (note to self to look into this).... And just use RuleMachine to do whatever you want based on time of day when mode is Away.

That's unfortunate. Would have been nice to have the away modes change automatically too. I just posted a specific question on this topic to see if some wizard out there knows a more elegant solution but it sounds like Rules may be the only way.