HSM arming through inactivity

I'm trying to arm for when everyone goes to bed and things settle down. I'm new to HE rules; however, worked with Webcore and ST for many years. I'm trying to replicate what I had in ST. I like most things with HE. I just a few thing daunting, Rules are one of them. My rule was longer and more complex. Thus, I cut it down to the main action to kick thing off.

app:2992020-02-11 06:21:45.272 am infoAction: Hubitat® Safety Monitor: Arm Night

app:2992020-02-11 06:21:45.224 am infoAction: IF (Mode is Night(T) AND EcobeeTherm: Upstairs Thermostat, EcobeeSensor: Master Bedroom (XHX3), EcobeeTherm: Main Floor, EcobeeSensor: Family Room (RX4Y), EcobeeSensor: Upstairs Thermostat (Thermostat), EcobeeSensor: Kitchen (QMH8), EcobeeSensor: Office (Q9S6) all inactive(T) AND Garage Door Opener closed(T) [TRUE]) THEN

app:2992020-02-11 06:16:25.135 am errorjava.util.NoSuchElementException: Cannot pop() an empty List on line 6320 (appButtonHandler)

app:2992020-02-11 06:16:25.107 am infoAction: END-IF

I don't know why I'm getting this error. I will do some more checking. Nothing that I can see the is causing this.

Thank you for your help.

I have mine setup to ARM when the MODE switches to NIGHT (at 11pm)