HSM Arming Event Duplicates

@bravenel I've noticed that when arming/disarming HSM I often get duplicate entries in logging for the action. It doesn't appear to matter if I initiate the action from the dashboard or one of my Ring V2 Keypads, or from within the HSM App UI, same results. Is this possibly a side effect of having multiple keypads linked to HSM? If so, is there a way to "debounce" this?

I haven't seen this. Show the HSM setup.

I just just suspecting that the new driver might be causing this issue if you have multiple keypads and was going to investigate sometime soon -- i noticed the duplicate events and don't remember seeing them before.

if it's easy for you to remove/exclude all but one of your keypads, test, and re-include the keypads, that might give the answer.

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I'll go ahead and try this tonight, previously I was using Lowes Iris V2 keypads and don't recall if I saw the same issue

I get two arm/disarm entries - and I have two keypads, so i thought there might have been some relationship there being 1:1.

but you get 3 arm but have 5 keypads so i'm not so sure any more.

I asked the developer of the community driver, he says this is normal as the keypads sync with each other.

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