HSM Arming / Disarming Best Practice

I have been having a lot of issues with HSM Arming and Disarming at certain times.
I am using Modes (Away/Day/Night/Evening)
Tied to this is locking of doors. When HSM reports Away, I set a rule to lock all doors.
Something in this is not working.

The Away mode is tied to Presence. Not really sure where to start looking. Unfortunately, the log files are all short, and by the time I check them they have already been overwritten.

Any ideas?
One I had was to trigger the locking of doors with the Away Mode, instead of Armed Away (HSM) - these, however, should be the same.

Thanks in advance.
EDIT: Here is the HSM setup:

What are you using for Presence Detection?

I have presence built on my owntracks (on my phone) and the HD+ (phone)
These both seem to be reporting presence correctly

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