HSM Armed with delay and stop before finishing

When I arm HSM with a delay and stop it before finished, it still arm when the delay time is completed, even though I disarmed it. I'm using a Ring Keypad V1.

Here a link to download it:

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Did you have any luck with this? New to Hubitat, and I'm having the same issue with a Ring Gen2 Keypad. If I disarm during the exit delay, the keypad indicates disarmed status, but as soon as the delay is completed , the keypad arms.

@bcopeland Any ideas?

No luck on this. @bobbyD

I'd still love a true fix, but I did come up with a workaround. I created a rule in Rule Machine with a trigger of Ring Keypad reports securityKeypad armed away. Then a conditional action IF HSM status is disarmed, disarm Ring Keypad. At the end of the exit delay, if the HSM has been disarmed, the Ring keypad momentarily indicates armed away, but then immediately disarms.

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@bcopeland @bobbyD @fanmanrules any ideas on this?