HSM arm away is acting funky

When I set HSM to Arm away when using anything but the HSM App HSM never updates it's status to armed away it just stays arming away on the Apps page. IF I arm away using the HSM GUI it works fine as long as I watch the entire countdown is this normal? Armed away actually does happen because I can trip the alarm and the logs say it's changed to arm away.

Does it staying Arming Away even after manually refreshing the apps page? It is not dynamic. You have to go into HSM and back out. Either that or check the status on a dashboard.

Yep I refresh it. it never changes just stays orange and arming away maybe it's a browser thing. So weird that if i watch it countdown from 30 to 0 it goes to away armed and turns green.

I have the same issue. Never did get it resolved.

I've noticed the same, the top right icon on the hub's interface and the HSM app show arming away. I always figured it was just a minor glitch in the status since it shows armed on the dashboard, and the alarm triggers when it supposed to. So I never opened a ticket about it.

Yea, I get this too

but in the Dash it shows


Same here, almost 1 year later. Of course I notice when I'm 400 miles away from home.
But dashboard shows armed away, but before I saw that I was thinking now I'm screwed.