HSM and Sirens or Chimes

I'd like to see the option to use different siren or chime sounds for different kinds of alerts in HSM. For example, the Aeotec Doorbell/Siren 6 allows you to choose from a list of sounds for both siren and chime. HSM only lets you activate the siren, so it will play whatever you've previously set. But it would be really helpful to have a smoke or CO2 alert sound a different siren sound (it has special sounds for that purpose) rather than the intrusion alert.

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But you can't configure what the siren sound is with the driver. That would require a driver change to set the sound via the parameter and then play the sound, causing a delay. Personally, I just want loud. Hopefully it will never go off. Are you going to be able to distinguish between alarm noises when it does?

Well aren't we just SO lucky to have you to tell everyone else what they should or shouldn't want! You do realize that other people may have different needs than you, right?

I gave my opinion and asked a question. You can give yours but I can't give mine? I didn't say what anybody else should like or do. I specifically said "personally". I don't get the hypocrisy.

Also, you didn't answer my question.

This is a "Features Request" thread. I requested a feature. The first part of your answer was OK. I can accept that it could be easier said than done. But I didn't give an opinion nor ask for yours so I just don't see what your friggin' problem is.

The "question" you asked was dismissive, condescending and frankly insulting. But to answer it anyway, yes I could. I can tell the difference between quite a few noises actually.

I do not have the same model, but the aeotec doorbell 5 I believe is the one I have and this can be done like so. I verified before posting. Hopefully the model you have has similar options.

Or were you wanting to split the alert for co vs smoke. In that case I misunderstood. This would allow to have a separate alert for smoke/co vs intrusion or water alerting. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info. The Doorbell 6 doesn't seem to show up as an option for audio alerts, either for the chime or siren function. If the chime showed up as an audio alert device like yours does that would probably work.

But beyond smoke and CO, there's several kinds of other custom alerts you can set up in HSM, and I expect more will be added as more sensor types become available.

More what? Alerts in HSM? Such as????

Right now HSM allows you to set up custom alerts for: temperature, contact, motion, presence, humidity, water, smoke, CO, battery, tamper, lock, shock, sound, and vibration.

Exactly. But you say:

What do you mean? HSM already allows you to set up custom alerts for all these sensors. What others becoming available are you talking about?

I'm done arguing with you. Go troll someone else...

I'm not arguing. I'm asking what you're talking about. I'm sorry that I don't understand you but that's not reason to be nasty.

For the record, I don't understand what "other" ones he thinks will be (or need to be) added either. Seemed like a reasonable question.

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I'm not sure why the thread degraded so quickly. I think I see the point @hike20 was making in his first response.

Starting a response to a feature request with a "But you can't" can come across the wrong way. While it is technically correct, it also has a feeling of negating the request all together. In reading it, it could imply that the requester doesn't know what he's talking about or how things work and thus shouldn't be requesting anything.

Maybe saying something like "that's a great idea and if they fixed some driver options......"

Just a thought.

Sounds like he would like the ability to select one of the preset sounds available on the aeotec doorbell 6. As I do not have one I do not know which option in the driver he would like accessible in HSM, or if the driver exposes these options. @mike.maxwell I am sure could shed some light on if this is possible.

They are not exposed via the current built-in driver to allow for programmatic changes to the tone generated by the siren or the doorbell.

Yes, and I didn't realize I would need to justify my request to other users. Yeah kinda feels like asking about future features here is unwelcome. I do appreciate a couple of you trying to see my point of view.

You don't have to justify anything. Some of us were just trying to understand exactly WHAT the request was. No harm done. :slight_smile:

OK, to clarify: The Doorbell/Siren 6 has 30 built in sounds such as different doorbells, alarms, klaxons, and some specific ones such as a tornado warning, fire evacuation, smoke, and CO. You can play any of these back from the device screen. When paired there are child devices created for each doorbell button you pair as well as a siren. You can assign any of the sounds to each child. But from the HE interface you can either treat it as a sound device (chime) or siren.

So in RM you can either control it as a siren device, or as a sound (chime) device. The play sound action allows you to set a chime sound and a volume (as well as start, stop). But it's the same sound pool and speaker regardless of calling it a chime or a siren.

HSM doesn't seem to allow use of the chime, only the siren. What I thought would be useful would to have different alert types in HSM be able to sound a specific sound (either as a the siren or chime). HSM has a number of different custom alert types that you can set up based on different kinds of sensors. Smoke and CO are the most obvious, but really you could set up quite a few different things with them. But since you can only trigger one sound for all of them that reduces the utility of the device IMHO.

For the siren it sounds like the driver would need to be modified. But as I've experimented with this, I also wonder if HSM custom alerts could be coded to recognize the chime sound type? It already lets you set audio alerts, but only speech or music device types.