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I was thinking of writing a rule that would unlock my doors if HSM had an Alert for Smoke or Carbon Monoxide and someone was home. When I went to create the trigger I did not find a Carbon Monoxide alert in the list of HSM alerts. HSM does have a section to select my Carbon Monoxide sensors so I had assumed there would be an alert for this and it would be selectable in RM. These are the ZCombo sensors from First Alert so they are the same device but show an attribute for both smoke and Carbon Monoxide . Am I missing something @bravenel?

I noticed this also but I do have Carbon Monoxide sensors so why would it say I don't? You can see them selected above.

Because what you probably actually have is Carbon MONOXIDE detectors. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Okay....you edited your first post to fix the Monoxide Dioxide thing....but Co and Smoke are one alert. HSM doesn't distinguish between the two.

And the "Alert Smoke" is for CO or Smoke.

Yes, I just corrected my post for that.

The Alert Smoke is what you want. They're the same alert status for HSM.

Ok...thanks for that. Just seems odd that you need or can select them separately in HSM then. There may be a reason for this but it escapes me at the moment.

You might have a sensor that only does one or the other. Each of the dropdowns only looks for one capability, smoke or CO.

I can see that but it would seem confusing then to have to select smoke for a carbon monoxide alone detector or would it then actually show a carbon monoxide selection in that case?

I'm not sure what you mean but the way it works is that the dropdown pulls up a list of all of the devices that have the correct capability. So, if you're looking for a device that has Smoke, it would pull up a list of devices that have the smoke detector capability . If you're looking for a CO sensor, it would pull up that capability. It just so happens, yours do both. That's why they appear on both lists. If you had a sensor that only did CO, it would not show up on the list of smoke detectors. You just don't have any that fit that bill.

The reason this is done is because for Smoke detectors you need to subscribe to smoke events and for CO sensors to CO events. If you try to subscribe to CO events from a sensor that doesn't support that capability, you're going to get an error. That's why they're defined in 2 places in the app. Makes it easier for everyone.

I at first was thinking that you meant you would only get a selection for smoke with either. That was incorrect apparently. It would seem that you are saying that if you have a single purpose smoke only sensor, you will get a smoke selection in HSM alerts and if you have a single purpose CO detector you will get a CO selection in HSM alerts. Since I have a dual purpose sensor that does both smoke and CO and still does show the attribute for both in the driver, HE will take either alert and see it as a smoke alert? Is that correct?


More importantly, for the Single Purpose CO sensor will NOT show up under smoke. And a single purpose smoke sensor will NOT show up under CO.

No, that is not why it will do that. It will treat all alerts as one group, that it calls smoke, because HE has made the decision to do it that way. If you only had single pupose sensors, you would not be able to distinguish smoke alerts and CO alerts in HSM. They would still be combined.

Ultimately, if either goes off the action is to get the heck out. Plus, your actual smoke alarm and actual CO alarms should handle getting everyone out, right?

I understand this more now with that explanation. Thank you for taking the time. I was not attempting to be hard headed if I sounded that way but was trying to understand it.

Yes, the actual audible alarms from them would indeed tell us to get out. I was simply trying to make it a bit easier if the doors would unlock assuming that it would save a few seconds especially if you just get woke up quickly. Sometimes a few seconds is all it takes.

No trouble at all. Asking questions is how we understand. Hope I was able to help.

The unlocking idea is great....anything to help the family get out quicker is great. Hopefully you'll never have to use it. :crossed_fingers:

Absolutely on this one!

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Plus unlocking could help someone getting in quicker to help such as fire department! I've done the same thing. I also set my outside lights to flash, to attract attention, and all of the inside lights to turn on bright to help with getting out. I would also like to have my furnace turn off to not circulate smokey air but alas I have a nest thermostat at the moment so can't integrate it.

I also use IFTTT to send an email to my neighbors. Speed of IFTTT and Email not ideal, would have preferred to sms message them but hubitat removed that feature.

I've also been considering putting a Google mini in both of my kids bedrooms to loudly play a recording of my wife's voice telling them to wake up and what to do.

It amazes me how both my kids can sleep through a smoke alarm. We had a defective alarm that was going off in the middle of the night and neither of my kids woke up. I later read a study that confirmed just this and said kids are far more likely to wake up to the sound of their mothers voice than to a blaring smoke alarm. Plus instructions on what to do in case they forget wouldn't hurt!

Here's the article: Smoke alarms with mom's voice wake kids up faster, study says | CBC News

There is a feature to send email using an RPi as a go-between. Also, have you considered sending a text to the "email" assigned to their number? Most US carriers have an alternate email address assigned to your number. For example, Verizon is number@vtext.com. You can email that and it goes through as an SMS message instead of email. Might be a little helpful. Although, with emailing the neighbors, i'd be worried about false alarms. I burn too much stuff on the stove or in the toaster oven to do that. :wink:

That reminds me of an idea I had for hubitat that I keep meaning to mention. It would be nice if we were able to program a prompt into a hubitat mobile app notification. In this example you could have a notification that the smoke alarms are going off, do you want to message neighbors that it's a false alarm. You hit one button and then a predefined action would be carried out, in this case, a message sent to neighbors saying it's a false alarm.

Similar example would be a notification that the HSM alert I going off and a button you could hit that would cancel HsM alerts.

Basically a way to carry out predefined actions when a button is pressed that is tied to a notification on a mobile device.

You can do that with Join.

Interesting... I'm going to have to look closer into this. I don't know anything about http call etc so will be a bit of a learning curve.

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