HSM alarming even though HSM disarmed

My HE setup for HSM is several door contact sensors (Iris v3 x6) and keypads (Iris v2 x3). I've noticed strange behavior in the last couple months whereby I disarm HSM either via a keypad OR the dashboard, the dashboard says disarmed, but when a door is opened, I still get an alarm notification on the dashboard / app and one or a couple keypads are alarming (see screenshot - yellow shows disarm but green shows that alarm was still triggered).

I've also noticed that when I arm HSM, the keypads do their arming acknowledgment beeps for 10 ish minutes off and on.

Any thoughts on what is happening here?

It sounds as though you don't have a good mesh between the hub and the keypads. Do you any Zigbee repeaters (powered outlets, for example)? What sort of repeaters might there be? Are there bulbs that might be acting as repeaters (they make bad repeaters)?

I have powered zwave light switches and the IKEA zigbee repeater.

I’ve thought about getting another IKEA zigbee repeater for another part of the house or even better would be some device that connects via Ethernet since I have Ethernet ran from where the hub is to various rooms in the house.

Thoughts on best path forward?