HSM additional options/settings/modes/RM - Possible?


Hi I'm about to jump into the world of HE from ST & WC and was wondering about HSM, Modes and RM.

What I need to do is have multiple settings when armed depending on who's present. Currently been using ST SHM & WebCore to meet my needs.

So for example:

All Away - Everyone out, all sensors armed (all away incl dog who has presence sensor on his harness)
Dog at Home - Some sensors armed some not...

as well as the usual Night, home armed / disarmed options too.

Would this be possible on HE using HSM & RM?

Thanks for any help/advice


This should be possible. HSM only has 3 intrusion settings, Away, Home and Night. Assuming you'd use Away for your All Away, that would leave the Dog at Home as the question. HSM also supports Custom Rules, so probably you could use those for Dog at Home, perhaps only one. Rule Machine fully supports HSM so it's easy to take actions based on HSM events, and to control the arming and disarming of HSM from rules. RM can do pretty much anything WC can do, but all locally without the cloud overhead.


Thanks for your reply.

Just ordered my HE and will begin the transfer over.

Love the flexibility that HE offers with option to OtherHub it and webcore (although won't need it) as well as the great integrations.

I was following a thread about Yale Conexis L1 lock. If that can get integrated then I can completely leave the work of ST behind me.

Thanks again for your reply. Habitat looks like a real ST killer and I for one would be happy to pay a monthly fee like sharptools charges to help fund continual development.