HSM - Add Switch to turn off when Water is detected

Currently Valve's are supported - can we have Switches as well please?

I have Shelly Relays and Konnected Switches operating dumb in-line valves....

Thanks, Simon

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You could just do it in RM, HSM isn't really needed.

Of course...... But then why have HSM?

In the same vein, anything you can do in RM, you can write a groovy app to do.... But then why have RM? RM isn't really needed.

Hsm is limited. Not everything is suited for it. I used to feel the same about certain apps but then it was pointed out that the more features and complexity you introduce into a simple app, you might as well just delete it and use RM because that's what you're creating. Hsm is simple. They will probably keep it simple...

Seems like a reasonable request. I will look into it.


Thank you....

My guess is that is just slips into the Lights section of alerts, as Switches to Turn Off.

I'd be open to other suggestions as to where it belongs. That seems the most obvious.

Sounds good...

What about Switches to Turn on also?

I have dumb valves that are Normally Open (NO) allowing water to always flow - unless I turn a relay on to cause them to close. So, my default is off.

That's what "Select lights to turn on" does. Those don't have to be dimmers, they can be switches. Nomenclature here is odd, calling them "lights", when they are in fact switches.

BTW, this change is complete. Will be in the 2.3.1 release.

Thank you

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