HS-WS-200+ Driver with LED Control

Anyone use the WS-200+ with Hubitat yet? I have the WD-100+ and see that the WD-200+ has its own driver in order to control the LED's. I have 2 in my cart to control my bathroom fans, but wanted to check to see if someone has ported the driver or If i will be able to set the LED colors. I always thought the 200 series was crazy, who needs colors on their lightswitches? Now i thought of a worthwhile use case for the Switch.

I have my bathroom fan/light combo turn on based on motion or humidity. I also have an override if the physical switch is pressed to run for 60 minutes. I want to set a color for any of the three reasons so when i walk in the room, i know why things are running without checking my dashboard.

I have. The native WD200 driver doesn't include the LED manipulation. As far as I know, there's been no port.

I would think you should be able to use the basic zwave tool driver and change them - although that doesn't help if you want to change them programmatically.

It is parameter:
14 - default color
21 - color in status mode

If the driver is available to the public it should be super easy to add. If it is a built-in driver that HE won't share, then you have to resort to porting the ST one and hoping it works the same (not a guarantee as I've learned from a number of other driver ports from ST).

I see you posted the link to the driver already. There's an article to help you port it over yourself.

I recommend doing the editing in notepadd++ or something like that rather than in HE. If you mess up HE has a tendency to just wipe everything off, so you'd lose whatever changes you made after pasting it in. Will save you some rework.

Ah, I didn't see the link to the driver.

Reading through it, that should be easy to convert. I didn't see anything too weird in there on a quick glance anyway.

I have over 25 of these switches/dimmer throughout my house. You can only change the color when they are in "status" mode. I have loved this feature as I have all my dimmer and switch LEDs glow red when my alarm is on. Then in the mornings it switches to green when my alarm is disarmed. During the day they change back to normal operation mode. Unfortunately, there are 2 major drawbacks to the native HE driver for the 200 series. The first is not being able to set the LED colors when the switch is in normal operation mode. The second is you cannot adjust the ramp rate either. I really miss both of these features because Smartthings supported them. Since I can't code I have just been hoping someone would come in and port over the Smartthings driver.

You can change the ramp rate with the z-wave tool but then it is set to that ramp rate permanently, you can't change it with software. But it is possible to modify it.

What driver are you using now and still able to set color in status mode? Is status mode basically when the relay is off? 3/4 colors I want is when the relay is on.
BLUE=humidity switch on
Red=motion switch on
Green=physical press vswitch On

There is a ported device handler that allows for control of LED's etc. I am using it. I found it in another post, but can post it here later. The only trick is you have to use custom commands to use the extra settings like LED control. It works pretty well!

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I am using the native HE driver for WD-200 dimmers. When in status mode turning the lights on and off do not change the LED's at all status mode overrides this feature. What you want to do is possible but you would need to use custom commands to do it along with a couple rules.

That would be awesome. Im trying to follow the port guide and only matches i found were PhysicalGraph. After making those changes, I ended up with "Metadata Error: Capability 'Button' not found." Then was trying to read up on buttons. So they are different, but im not sure what to replace on the smartthings driver.

The capability is pushablebutton in HE. Start there, and search on this forum for that and you should find some examples.

If you still can't get the errors sorted, many of the user drivers have buttons so you can look at those for examples.

I am not at home right this second so I need to verify this is the one I am using, but I am pretty sure it is. Check out the Handler by walksonair in this post: Homeseer WD200 LED Color and Ramp rate

Try that out. Like we said you will have to use custom commands to do the setLED stuff. There is a decent explanation of how to do that in that post as well. If you have any trouble let us know.

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Thanks! I have the WS200 (non-Dimmer). So i switched the driver to built in HE WD200 Driver and i can change the colors, but have extra dimming options that aren't needed. Is there any downside to this on stability? I did compare the code you referenced to the Smarthings DH and see some differences that i can adjust to make their driver work.

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