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Best overall review yet, IMO. He almost got it right except for the forever-missed accessing cloud dashboards.

" And remember, there’s no app to quickly access your smarthome devices to turn things off and on with the push of a button—at least right now. The best you can do is build a custom dashboard for your home that can only be used while in the home."

Other than that, I think he did a good job.


I commented on the article and the author has corrected that particular section.


I don’t understand how SmartThings is reputed to be simpler. “If setting up a router is a challenge ... get SmartThings”

At that level, ST and HE are identical. Unwrap, plug it, register, add a couple Zsomething devices. Make an automation.

Where’s the ST advantage?


Except, in ST... these days it is install the ST App on your phone. Create a Samsung account. Log into the app with the Samsung account and claim your new ST v3 Hub. Now, download the ST Classic App and log into it as a "New User" (even though you're obviously not a new user... :wink: ) Now, go figure which version of SHM you want to use... the new App or the Classic App...but don't get it wrong...and learn that Routines exist in Classic, but not in new...then realize that you're going to need custom code to perform anything other than what Smart Lighting/Routines/Automations can accomplish...go figure out webCoRE, which is a programming language all to itself...etc... and then wait for the cloud servers to be back up...

Not sure that ST really is simpler these days...:wink:


And tomorrow, it doesn't work.


I still get those wonderful "cloud issues" emails from ST. Just enforces my HE purchase more every time.


Yup. I still get their texts about every week or so saying there's some sort of issue they are "investigating". (I keep forgetting to unsubscribe from their lists lol).

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