HowTo: Integration with Hue, Ring & Arlo?

I'm wondering how I could achieve this...

I have 4 exterior wall sconces using Philips HUE bulbs sync'd with my HUE bridge (2 x Front Door, 2 x Garage/Driveway).
I have a Ring doorbell camera (1st Gen) and 2 x Arlo Ultra 4K Cameras (one covering the front door, and another covering the drive way).
I also have a Zigbee 3-way switch controlling my downstairs hall/stair light.

Is it possible to integrate the 3 services using Hubitat, and have the following functionality.

  • dawn (-2h) -> dawn - 4 x exterior lights ON
  • dawn -> dusk - 4 x exterior lights OFF
  • dusk -> 00:00 - 4 x exterior lights ON
  • 00:00 -> dawn (-2h)
    • Driveway movement activity (Arlo) -> 2 x exterior driveway lights ON (4 minutes)
    • Front door activity (Arlo or Ring) -> 2 x exterior door lights ON (4 minutes)
    • Front doorbell (Ring) -> 2 x exterior door lights ON, Interior Zigbee switch ON (5 minutes)
    • Interior Zigbee switch ON -> 4 x exterior lights ON (45 minutes)

Is it possible to use Hubitat to integrate the different services?

The first 3 can be done by using the “Basic Rules” built-in app to create rules.

The 4th item will require a bit more work. To get motion from Ring cameras, what I have done is:

  1. Create a virtual motion/switch and share it with Alexa
  2. Create two routines in Alexa. The first one will turn on the switch with motion, the seconde will turn it off when motion stops
  3. Use the virtual motion/switch to trigger the exterior lights as part of a Basic Rule which is restricted to only work from 00:00 to dawn -2h
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