How would I test to see if a Wait For Expression on a Humidity sensor timed out

So I have a statement in RM 5.1 that is:

Wait for Expression: Humidity of Guest Bath Motion is > GuestBath_Humidity_Var timeout 0:30:00

How do I test after that to see if it actually timed out? I know I could test the sensor against the variable again but I think I can test something for the actual timeout I'm just not sure what that is.


The %device% variable will be set to "timeout" if the rule proceeded to the next action due to the timeout rather than the expression (or event, etc.). You'll need to create a "real" variable (local or hub, but might as well do local if you don't have any other reason) to be able to actually use this in a condition.

Putting all that together, a common pattern for this kind of thing is:

Wait for expression: X is Y --> timeout 0:30:00
Set myVariable to %device%
IF (myVariable = "timeout") THEN
  // do timeout stuff here
  // do other stuff here
  // or eliminate this part entirely if you don't need it