How to write notifications

Sorry for the duplicates. I edited the other post and it removed the screen shot. I have requested my first post be deleted.

I've been struggling with this for a while with how do I get a notification to specify what device is alerting. For example when the mode changes, what mode it changed to, or for device Mode change, or device (for example which sensor). Attached is a screen shot of how the notifications I get currently look.

Instead of %mode% try using %value%.

Instead of %Device%, try using %device% (yes, case sensitivity usually matters :wink: )

Thanks. I hadn't even noticed the "D", but then why are the time date in that alert not showing correctly? Does it see the capitol and just stop processing from there?

Possibly? You have some other examples that do show the date and time, so I figured you probably knew how to make that work...

I did them the same way in the mode as I did in safety monitor. I had noticed they were the way I wanted in mode, I just hadn't figured out what was different..

So, are you using multiple different APPS to generate these notifications? If so, they may not all support all of the variable substitutions. @bravenel can probably best explain which Apps support which variable-to-text substitutions.

Yes. Some of the notifications were from Hubitat Mode Manger, and Some from Hubitat Safety monitor, the later being the one that gave me the biggest problem.

You were correct, changing %mode% to %value% in Mode Manager solved that issue.

You were also correct, changing %Device% to %device% in Safety monitor resolved Most of that issue. While I was at it I cleaned up some other formatting (For lack of a better term), I also had to change it in about four other places within HSM to get it work. lessons learned.

I would be very interested to learn if the "D" caused it to stop processing further. That's the only thing that I can think of why the date and time weren't displaying properly.
I appreciate all of your help and guidance.

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Awesome, glad to hear those changes resolved the issues.

Well, since I started this thread , I'll resurrect it from the dead. Only this time I'm looking to receive notifications if a particular lock code is used to open the door, and I would like a lot to get a notification when the door is relocked. The lock is a Yale, (Zwave). I can't recall the model at the moment (not at hoe on the network currently) , but it is keypad only, so you have to touch the Yale logo or pass your hand across the keypad, or to lock it.