How to use RM to write setHeatingSetpoint

Greetings Hubitat people, I just discovered Hubitat a couple days ago and spent most of yesterday migrating devices from ST for the core of my setup, but I still have quite a few things to go. It was a good refresher on how to manually reset the devices I couldn't exclude and I'm glad I had a 50' Ethernet cable laying around for some of the wall switches!

I've got a space heater on a Aeon Appliance + Power module and a Z-Wave temp sensor (Fibaro, in this case) that I'm using to keep a shed warm.

I'm trying to recreate a virtual thermostat with RM. I've got the logic working (mostly, need a watchdog/failsafe to come in and turn the heater off every hour or so, but I don't foresee a problem with setting that up.)

I'm using an Average All (awesome BTW) to set the temp on the Virt Thermostat. I can make everything work with (it allows a thermostat widget with up and down arrows for Setpoint), but what I can't do is figure out how to adjust the Setpoint in RM/Dashboards with something like a virtual pair of switches (+setpoint and -setpoint). How do I write setHeatingSetpoint (or setSetpoint)? I've tried custom commands, but setHeatingSetpoint('+1') doesn't work. There must be something I'm missing about how to write attribute values in RM?

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Hereโ€™s how I setup one for our guest bedroom. Hope this helps. To reduce the heating setpoint use -1 instead of 1 as pictured below.

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Doh, it was RIGHT THERE THE WHOLE TIME! Thank you. I was starting to dig through some of my ST code to implement this.

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