How to use OpenWeatherMap?

I have an OpenWeatherMap device added and working correctly. Now.... Looking for ideas on how to use this. What is everyone using it for? I tried to figure out how to add a map or something to the dashboard, no luck.

Quick! Before it gets incorporated into RM or sumfink!

Try ‘ Weather Switch’ to be able to switch on weather attributes
Or ‘Message Central’ to speak weather alerts etc...



Seriously though,
I use a ‘weather device’ to warn of rain and close my conservatory windows when rain is expected, or if it’s too windy.

I also use an app to tell me if I need to water the garden (because there hasn’t been enough rain)

I use the temperature to control fans that pull air into my house during summer, if outside temperature < inside temperature turn on fan, else speak close the door. etc.

Did you find an easy tutorial on how to set this up?