How to use Aqara Motion sensors

Hi im trying to convert over from just being a nest/home user to more HE.
First thing I wanted to do was add some motion sensor for 3 rooms. I got the aqara p1s (new lil guys) I read that people used it with HE.

I've installed Hubitat package installer and tried installing the xiamo/aqara motion sensor. It kinda worked. i was able to make a rule that turned on my sonos if i changed the luminance. I can't seem to get motion to work properly.

Looking for any and all help since im so new to all of this.

Well, Aqara may have been an unfortunate choice to start your adventure with, as their connection to Hubitat can be unstable compared to many other brands. If it's only "kinda" working, that may be the best you can expect from them. Or are p1s something new that does actually work right?

There is a list of the most compatible devices here List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation


Just as a light at the end of the tunnel interjection.
I have used all the Aqara stuff for years in ST and HE. Lots of tears over dropped devices and constant re-pairing.
Ever since I installed 3 Tuya ZB 3.0 repeaters around the house six months ago I haven't had a single failure; all quiet on the ZB front. :slight_smile:

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As well as other not-so-Aqara-friendly repeating devices? And the Aqaras know which ones to mesh up with?

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I only use the Tuya now and they seem to be benign with repect to Aqara. They work flawlessly with my other ZB devices as well.

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The only way I've been able to get Aqara contact sensors to work on my hub has been to use Ikea plugs as repeaters for them. I have a second hub and they are the only zigbee devices on that hub, aside from an e-Wand for some blinds.

They have been solid for weeks now in that configuration. I had a specific need for a really tiny contact sensor that they fulfilled, but I would not have used Aqara devices if not for that specific need...I never got the contact sensors to work connected to my hub in a "normal" configuration not using specific repeaters.

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I had Ikea plugs before and while they worked for me I still had dropouts; the radio in them is weak. As soon as I used the Tuya, which have a strong radio, all problems vanished.


Hi guys, I have 5 aqara door sensors and 4 motion sensors. All are rock solid but I think it's because I have 5 IKEA outlets and 2 IKEA bulbs which work as great ZigBee repeaters


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