How to turn all lights off at bedtime?

I did search the topics for this but I couldn't find a solution. I'm trying to make a way that in dashboard I can turn all lights off inside of my house.

create a a virtual switch and you can use simple lighting or rule machine to create a rule to turn them on/off when virtual switch on/off. You can then add this virtual switch to the dashboard.

Perfect let me give that a try.

I use Mode Manager, to switch between various Modes at scheduled times. I then use those Modes as restrictions or to otherwise govern Simple Lighting and Motion Light Apps, as well as Rule Machine for the more complex scenarios. I then have a Dashboard, that fits mobile view on which I have the Mode I can manually change, if I were to go to bed before or sleep longer than the usual scheduled times. You might also get a button remote (like Pico) to have bed side, use Button Controllers app to program the button remote to change Modes as needed.


Got it working with the virtual switch. I think I'll also get a bed side button also.

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I use @cobra 's One To Many App for turning a group of lights on and off. My need was to turn on a group of lights without changing the preset dim level. You might give it a look it works really well.

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I have a Lutron Pico beside my bed, used to be a Minimote. Via button controller app, I have one button that sets day mode and another that sets night mode. Then I have a triggered rule that fires based on mode to turn on/off switches. So for night mode: closes garage if left open, locks locks, turns off majority of lights, turns on bedroom ceiling fan. Because I am overloading the Zwave mesh (have 100 Zwave devices) with a bunch of commands at one time it can take 20 seconds to run, but it works great.

Xiaomi buttons also work fine.

I also have a echo dot and sonos speaker
create a routine in alexa so when you say "Alexa good night" alexa pushes the virtual switch in Hubitat Create a rule in Hubitat when virtual switch is pushed (or 11 Pm) that turns off lights, locks doors, closes garage doors and arms HSM.
Then you can add another rule that when the virtual switch in Hubitat is on and all doors are closed and locked and the HSM is armed to speak a message on the Sonos "your house is secure" or another message if your house is not secure as a verification.

alexa can do this also. just create a group like everything. and put what u want in it and say alexa turn everything off