How to trigger & chain together multiple scene transitions?

I had this working partly, but after rebuilding my scenes and rules under simple automation 1.1 , its no longer triggering the transitions one after another. Is there a proper way to chain together multiple scene transitions that get automatically triggered one after another?

I have 8 Scenes (Sunrise 1-8), with 7 Scene Transitions (1-2, 2-3, 3-4 ext.), and 7 Simple Automation Rules to trigger the next transition after the previous switch turns ON.

My 8 scenes all share the same lights. That was previously an issue that I've corrected by rebuilding them.

I have 7 transitions:


This is what all my transitions look like (not showing any errors):

Then I have 8 rules to fire the next transition after the previous scene turns ON

All my rules look like this:

Are scene transitions no longer flagging the ending scene as ON? It worked until I rebuilt the scenes and rules. I did notice the new rules say 1.1 and the previous ones didn't. I checked the logs and don't see any errors.

Pushing the button that turns ON the first scene works, but the first transition never fires after that.

I feel like I'm missing something basic here. Is there any simpler or more proper way?