How to trigger a browser refresh?

Hi. I've written an Hubitat driver that talks via MQTT to a video camera motion sensor I built/coded on a raspberry pi and it works well for my purposes. But, there's one little nagging thing I'd like to do. I've got a protocol where hubitat can ask for and set variables in the raspberry 'driver' and that works. On the Hubitat side these are Preferences (settings) and I can can change them based on what the pi device is actually using but device.updateSetting() does not cause the browser to reload the page which appears to be necessary to actually show the new values.

In other words, I need to programmatically push the Save Preferences button or trigger something in javascript/html to display the new values. That seems clumsy and it only has to be done once in the update(). Any ideas.

The code is here for the curious