How to sync a bulb and a wall dimmer?


I have a bulb that I want it in sync with a wall dimmer, how I do this in RM4?

I want, if I change the state on any device, the bulb or the wall dimmer, they both will follow(on, off, dim). I don't want to create a race scenario between both so this is why I'm asking.


Check out the Mirror Me app.

I had no idea that HE had a mirror app, but anyway, it tells you master to slave, I want master to slave and slave to master, like a 3 way but using a bulb and a wall dimmer, makes sense?


Yeah, unfortunately I don't know of any app that can do that. You get into a perpetual loop of commands repeating forever. Everything I've seen requires a master/slave relationship.
But if you want them to be identical, why would the syncing have to be two way? If all of your commands were only issued to the master device and all of your dashboards only used the master device....Then you're all set.

It's more complicated than I wanted to write, lol

I have one chandelier with 5 Yeelights color bulbs, one wall dimmer but its not connected to anything, the 5 bulbs have the power directly, I have a group for those 5 bulbs.

I have a scene to change the group to daylight white, sometimes I like to use the Yeelight app to setup the colors or dimmer and this is why I want the wall dimmer in sync, when someone use the wall dimmer it changes the lights to daylight and change the dimming to 50%(scene only when using on or off) too, if I turn off the lights in the Yeelight app I would like to have the wall dimmer in sync. It's the dinning room and my wife uses the wall dimmer all the time.

Hope you get the idea, I'm using the app one to many but I wanted to move everything to HE apps.

Check out Joel Wetzel's Switch Bindings App.

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Thanks for the suggestion.