How to support LAN Discovery

In Device Discovery, there is now a LAN Discovery option. When I select this, it cannot find anything on the LAN to add, and suggests to add an APP.

Now if I select LAN Devices Details from here, I can see that it did discover the devices I am interested in.

service type

How do I associate this result to an App so that Hubitat can identify them in the device-discovery and set them up?

See this post from @mike.maxwell

I would love to get my Roku TV DTH working with auto discovery. Happy to start testing it when the details become available.

I spent the better part of the evening research and hacking away. Because of this screen I found that my older smart TV has an updated API. I see a lot of possibilities here.


whats that? :wink:


Device Type Handler - I brought the acronym over with me from the SmartThings Dev Community...

Over here in HE we call them Drivers. :slight_smile: