How to support 2 hubitat smart homes integrated with google home(s)

I have 2 homes labeled house and cottage, in these houses i have google nest. I have the 2 hubs registered in my hubitat app. I goto google and goto "cottage" house and add device and add "cottagehubitat". I get options to unlink or reconnect. If i reconnect, i can only authorize cottagehubitat or homehubitat, but not both. If from cottage i select cottage all my home devices disappear and vice versa. Any suggestions on how to support two phisically different houses in the app?

You cannot support both hubs at the same time. Are you just trying to monitor or control? You can use the HE app and have access to both, but would have to switch from Hub 1 to Hub 2

I am tring to integrate with google home minis. In google home I have 2 houses set up. However when i try to add device hubitat, i can only select one hub. Would really suck if i had to create 2 google home accounts and 2 hubitat accounts to have google minis work in both houses. Since google home supports multiple houses, i should be able to connect it to multiple hubs. 1 for each house. Home house and cottage house are on 2 different networks and 100 miles or 140 kms apart. Hope this helps explain my scenario. With this scenario, when i am at the cottage, I can ask google to close my cottage blinds. When i am at home, i can ask google to turn on my family room lights at home.

You have to have two separate accounts... Same goes for trying to do it with Alexa/echo

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Yeah that is a pain but I agree with @rlithgow1 - separate accounts are the most straightforward way of handling it...

You could use the community app "Hub Connect" which is kind of like the Hub Mesh feature but a bit more flexible as it allows for sharing devices across various networks/internet etc. You could set up a VPN link to your cottage and then share it's the devices with your main house and then use one google instance to control all of it.

Well that just sucks. Whats the point of having multiple houses in google home if I cant have each house point to its own hub.

To be clear i dont want devices to interact across houses. I just want 1 account where I can setup my google nests to voice control their own house

If i could authorize more than 1 hub to google home i could do that.

To be clear i dont want to share devices across houses.

I understand but that is probably the only way you will be able to integrate with one account unfortunately. :frowning_face:

There are other potential gotchas with that solution as well which is why I'm not really recommending it..

edit: added "probably" as there may be other even more complicated and possibly less satisfactory ways of doing this (companion servers running HomeBridge or HomeAssistant etc).

others have created a google account for each address, then they link the device to that address-email, but that goes against the managing multiple accounts that you're looking for

Yep. Looks like that is what I am going to have to do as well. Would have continued the thread on Sunday, but my new Samsung S6 Lite tablet that I was using for working at the cottage went up in flames so I didn't really have any computing devices to continue with until I reached home. Not thrilled about not being able to connect multiple Hubitats as that would have been a simple clean view. That said, I'm not in google home a lot as all my automations are on Hubitat. I use google to trigger switches and blinds from time to time as I fine tune my automations. Eventually I shouldn't need voice commands either.

I said the same on one of those Alexa threads, but I bet this is a Google limitation and not a Hubitat one. Most of the time those skills only allow one pairing of one device or one account. For example, you can't link two of the same thermostats to Alexa, nor can you link more than one IFTTT skill.

I am not sure what the solution is exactly, but there are probably some either technology barriers, or just Google/Alexa developers not understanding the whole second home or vacation home concept. (Weird because I am sure Bezos and Larry Page and that crew have at least a couple homes...) is the URI that doesn't allow multiple selections to authorize multiple hubs, so I'd put this on Hubitat. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if Google also had some difficulties, as it seems that it puts everything in the owners space and then assigned out to houses from there, which could cause issues with overlapping names. The industry is still young and I think for the most part are still working on one house at a time and haven't put a lot of thought into the best presentation for multiple house owners. One day we may see a single pane of glass that will us allow to manage our automations across multiple physical locations. In my opinion Hubitat is the best automation controller (that's why I have 2 of them now).

The way I work around these limitation...

2 separate Google accounts.. and then
in Google Home App, invite the Google Accounts to each other's as a Home Member :sunglasses:


Wasn't my intention to link the two homes, more just to have the one app that I could stay logged into and toggle between the homes. The issue still remains, I need to hub accounts to link 1 hub account to 1 google account. Which I will do this weekend when I'm back at the other house.

If I was really dreaming, I would like Google to detect which network I was on and automatically switch my location and routines to the house I was in. I don't have to worry about hubitat, as it is natively running automations in the house it resides in.

If you have someone close to you with a google account you could do what @rod.mamo suggests... that sounds like a reasonable workaround to get to the one app/2 hubs scenario you want.

There's a thought. Could have used my wife's account. Too late now though, I've created a new account for the second house. I could link them together, but as I mentioned I don't really need the houses linked so I just login with one or the other now. It will work just fine that way. I only have one automation at the new house so far, my loft house faces south, so I automated Ikea blinds to lower when the temp in winter is > 80 F. I use google to over ride, until I can program in cloudy days. Albeit temp seems to mostly work. :slight_smile:

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