How to speak today's temperature

Hi all!

Does anyone know a way I can get text representation of today's forecast? It would be awesome to put that in a spoken phrase and add it to my wake up routine.

Perhaps there's a HTTP GET url that will supply me with a simple local forecast and then I can put it into a variable to be used in a speak command.

I use this for weather. You can create a decimal variable and assign temperature to it.



I also use DarkSky - the same integration indicated by @JNS. In addition, I setup 3 Alexa Routines that trigger 3 virtual momentary switches and report either the Living Room temperature, the Bedroom temperature, or the Outdoor (DarkSky)

The routine is triggered by questions like, "Alexa, what's the outdoor tem.perature". The response is "In Farenheit, the DarkSky temperature is xyz"


Sweet Christmas, it works! Thanks guys, you're the best!