How to setup 'doubleTapped' switch event to disable motion lighting app?

Brief setup:

  • Hallway lights controlled by a homeseer wd-100 z-wave dimmer switch
  • Motion sensor that turns the lights on/off using app 'Motion and Mode Lighting App'
  • Motion app turns the lights off after a time delay.


  • Double click the physical switch to DISABLE the lights being turned off by the Motion app.
  • Lights must then be manually turned off.

Motion Lighting setup currently:

Logging showing that 'doubleTapped' is an event:

How do I set this up?
I would guess it would be a button in the following setting but there is no way to specify for example: 'Stairs light switch - doubleTapped'

Here is the switch config:
I noticed there is a 'double Tap number' setting. What does that do? I can't seem to set it to anything.

Stairs Lights Status:

I would use a Virtual swtich in Motion Lighting to disable it. Then use a button controller rule to turn on and off the Virtual switch.

I do something similar but instead of requiring a double tap it just did you physically turn the on then you have to turn them off manually.


The setting in Motion Lighting for buttons only looks for pushed events, so you can't use doubleTapped natively. (The "number" you see on the device page you're looking at is a parameter to the command, which you can manually send from the device page--along with this parameter, the button number that was double tapped--to simulate a "virtual" command. You probably won't have a reason to do this aside from maybe testing automations. In most cases, the button sends and event on its own when the real/physical event happens--no need to worry about the commands.)

I like the idea above to use a virtual switch instead. That way, it's easy to check the state of the switch. (Buttons don't really have this kind of easily-checkable state, so it's harder to tell if your ML app is disabled or not.) But if you really do want to use a button, you can create a virtual button and simulate its push() command (with the desired button number) in response to the real doubleTapped event from your actual button. But, again, I think I'd do a switch. :smiley: (Or a variable, now supported directly.)

I'm interested in doing something similar. All of my standard switches connect to the lights via Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules behind the switch. Just the ability that when I switch the light on manually the motion rule is disabled or at least it stays on with no chance of it going off once the motion changes back to inactive.

I'm probably way off the mark (as I'm still struggling along with fairly basic rules) but is there any way of using the event data to switch a variable or something that can be then be used in a rule. For instance my dimmers report "switched on physical" if I use the switch, rather than "switched on digital" if it's via command. Can that be manipulated or there already a standard way of using "physical"/"digital"

Doh - The above message was yet another "brain fart" by me trying to overcomplicate things. I hadn't noticed that what I was looking for was already implemented in HE - the trigger being "Physical Switch" rather than "Switch" or "Physical Dimmer" rather than "Dimmer". So it should be easy enough in RM to add a conditional to disable the rule - IF > Physical Dimmer Level Changes THEN....

Edit: Not so easy. Physical Switch is only available as a trigger not as a predicate and can't be used in a conditional within an action. I'll make a separate post as I'm stumped

Yes! If there was a way to designate the type of switch press: Physical or Digital that would make this so easy.

If you look at the other post I've just put up, it is do-able (at least with some devices). For some reason it's not working for me though

What are your rules for it. I do exactly this

I use the Alexa Dimmer option in the motion lighting app and a separate button controller app to turn that on and off when I use my Hue Dimmer Switches. You could use a similar setup with the Button controller, but just use the double-tapped event.

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