How to Set Siren On Time in Intrusion-Away Mode

I was wondering if there is a way to set the amount of time a siren goes off if there was a break-in in the Intrusion-Away Mode? Say you wanted it to run for 30 sec. and then stop unless there is still motion on one of the sensors and then it would repeat it being on for another 30 sec if there is still motion.

Anyone know how you would achieve this? thanks

I think this might work. Any thoughts on this setup? It would set off the sirens for 30 sec and then turn them off and back on for another 30 sec. if motion is seen again by any sensor.

I have a RM rule that if the system is alarmed for intrusion it automatically resets itself after 10 minutes. Some siren drivers will also have that functionality built into the driver. The Dome for example can be set to go off for 5 minutes or until the batteries die.

What you want to do is have the siren control in HSM and then just reset the alarm. This isn't going to give you any entry delay or exit delay. I would NOT advise managing security manually like that outside of HSM. You lose all the bells and whistles.


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So you are saying to do it like this.

I didn't use a triggered rule, just a trigger. You only status of Intrusion if the system was previously armed away. If it was armed home you get Intrusion-Home and if night you get Intrusion-Night. When away, you just get Intrusion. Also, you're not really going to turn the siren off after just a minute are you? That's not very long to have it go off. Plus, you have 3 sirens?!? Thats gotta be loud as heck!

I made a few changes. I set the sirens to go off for 1 min each in the device settings. But will they repeat the 1 minute on again if any of the motion sensors trip again? That is what I am wondering. Also if I set the delay to 10 min instead of 1 min then the sirens can still be tripped again within that 10 min? After the 10 min and the Cancel Alerts initiates what does that actually do?

I'm sorry, I'm not following your question. Will what repeat the one minute on again? If you cancel alerts in HSM, the system stays in whatever status you had it in. So, as soon as the motion sensors go back to Inactive, they are ready to alert again if they sense motion. If you set the delay to 10 mins, that means the sirens will go off for 10 mins. If you are going to do the rule, you shouldn't change anything on the device page. It's one or the other.

So your saying I don't need the rule if I set the device settings to an on time for each siren. Ok, so they will go off again each and every time the motion sensors get tripped again. Good. I am trying to conserve their battery life as much as possible that is why I am using 3, plus they were laying around. They are pretty loud when all combined, a headache maker!

NO! Thats not what i'm saying at all. Your system has not been reset if you use the timer in the device. You are reversing what i'm saying.

If you use the timer in the device it just turns off the siren. HSM will still be in Intrusion alert until you clear it or the system is disarmed. it will not repeat anything. That's why i said I use a rule. That way, after whatever timeout you choose, the system is reset and you can get another alarm.

I don't understand how using 3 sirens saves on your batteries. it will actually use 3x as many as 1. Also, why is your siren going off so much? do you have an entry delay in HSM ? The siren should only go off when there is an actual intrusion . Not all the time.

Ok, so I set the rule delay to the time I want the sirens to go off for and remove the settings for time in the device page? Now the sirens will go off for their designated times and then the system will reset ready for the motion sensors to be tripped again. Maybe?

No maybe. LMAO. If you cancel alerts, all of the alerts cancel, including the siren (if that's the only place you have it but I don't know what else you have set up). The system will remain armed after the alerts are canceled allowing another alert to occur.

What is LMAO? I haven't seen that one before. So are you saying that when it cancels the alert it actually turns off the sirens?

Laughing My Ass Off.

Yes, if you have the siren set up in HSM to only go off when there is an intrusion alert, when there is an alert the siren will go off. If you reset the alert, the alert stops and the siren stops. The system remains in whatever state it was in (armed away or home or night) allowing it to go off again.

Are you using an Entry delay for home or for away? If so, the siren will not sound until after the entry delay because when the entry delay is counting down the system is in "Intrusion-Delayed" Not intrusion.

Wow, that is harsh. Not very hospitable towards a new person to the HE world. But I think I got it now so you can stop laughing!

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Maybe you need to realize that the folks here are not being paid to help you. If you ask a question take the time to read the answer completely. I've also asked several follow up questions, none of which you answered. So, good luck!