How to set a trigger for sunrise?


I have recently purchased an HE and I'm trying to set a rule to turn off lights at sunrise, and I see that I can set a condition for "Time of day", but it always wants it to be between two times, so I cannot just set the condition for just sunrise. I saw another post where someone had created that trigger, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how they did it. Can anyone suggest the solution?


Use a Trigger not a Rule:


You get three choices of Rule Style:


You want the second one... trigger. Sunset is an EVENT.. it lasts nearly zero time. So you want the Certain Time capability.


Ahhhhh, I didn't understand the UI, so I thought that was just another choice I would come to as I was setting things up, so I kept choosing a condition/rule, so that explains why I was not able to find that. I have just created my rule with a trigger and that was just the missing information I was looking for! Thank you so very much!!! :slight_smile: