How to send notifications to the new mobile app?

Is there an API for apps and drivers to send the push notifications to the new mobile app?

It’s a notification device with notification capability so no different than Pushover or SMS devices. See this thread for examples from @ogiewon:

Some simple notification code

input "sendPushMessage", "capability.notification", title: "Notification Devices: Hubitat PhoneApp or Pushover", multiple: true, required: false

if (sendPushMessage)

SMS is

 sendSmsMessage(phone, "message")


Mine aren't working with my Galaxy S9. I see the event in the device's event window but no push notification is received on my phone. What's odd is that there is only App Badge icons for Permissions in the app preferences.

In order to get them to work, I had to go into setting and click on the hub name, then click on the device name, even though the device was already created automatically without me doing anything at all.. So, if you can't get them to work, try that.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I wasn't getting any notifications either. It took my a bit to see what you were talking about but as soon as I went to settings on the app and clicked 'Hub', clicked on hub "Name" and then clicked on my phone "Name" notifications started working. Looks like a minor but irritating bug the first time you use notifications with the new app. Now I can scrap pushbullet.

That's an interesting observation. I've a Huawei which has been OK but my wifes S9 has not been 100%.
I've done what you suggested and will see whats happening.
Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

I'm getting notifications on my iPhone and iPad by using the above code.

OK Friends,,, this is not clear at all! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Where does one find documentation on how to send a push notification to the new mobile app? I have created a "mobile app" driver instance... but there ain't enough info in this thread to configure it and/or test it.

Sorry to be lame... :slight_smile:

Haven't really seen any.

oK- it sounds simple enough... set up a notification device etc... but I dont see how to specify where the notification device is sending notifications too... the pushover device I have working fine... but that device has fields for API keys and the stuff you need to use pushover... I don't see a similar thing for the mobile app notification device...

Anywhere you would normally send a notification to pushover, your mobile device should now show up as an option as well. So, from Rule Machine, you would pick your phone as the Notification Device in the action. I'm not sure why you're confused and not seeing it.

I thought I had to add my phone as a device somehow... I guess the app did that for me?

Very cool... it is working!

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