How to see internal timers?

I have numerous automations - lights that turn off x minutes after motion, rules with delays and other sorts of things that happen 'in the future'.
How can I display - best if in a tile - the internal hubitat timers on things such as this? I have lights that come on and I'm not sure why or lights that don't go off ... if I could 'see' the internal timers that HE is using on triggered events it would help gain more trust in my Hubitat.

Does anyone have a solution or answer they use? I did search forums and checked all the HPM apps I could looking for something that I could use to no avail.

There really is no method available to do this. Although, your idea has merit and is worth us exploring. There certainly would be value to being able to see the scheduled jobs...

You can see this on an app by app basis on the App Status page for each app (gear icon), at the bottom of the page. But, this page is not dynamic. There is no way just now to aggregate all of this into one place, or other mechanism to display it.


For lights going on unexpectedly, you can select one of the lights and look at the rules in use by that device. If none of them appear to be the problem, then it might be Alexa or Google that thinks you want it automated, so sets it up in their environment.


Yes, and we have no way to see that! It's a not-so-good time waster chasing down unexpected automations...

Thanks - I have gotten my small world to be problem free - I had 4 days of logs with no errors :). Then the power went out and weird crap happened so I began to muck about. No real Alexa related stuff - as I don't put any scripts or rules or automations inside Alexa - everything is local to the hub (as far as I know anyway).
Also - I began sifting through the HPM list of things built and started playing with things. Still, I was okay - but then I replaced a driver. and I learned that attributes stay behind. Then I learned HE doesn't like you playing with drivers and diddling about without purpose.
It's a process. I get it. I don't really mind chasing something thats an IO error (inputting operator - me). It's the ones that happen for no apparent reason that freak me out. Like the garage door opening by itself or coming home and finding the Air Conditioner running. ugh.

Would love to see this added as well. It could be very useful for tracking down unexpected actions, performance issues and overall system configuration.

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I used to use Webcore when I foolishly used Smartthings. But not anymore with Rule Machine! However there was a countdown timer for when a piston was due to run. I found it useful when I was testing and building pistons. Your idea makes sense to me and I think I'd also find it useful. As bravenel says. It has merit!

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I definitely find the timers in webCoRE useful.

Also, clicking on any piston will show you some Quick Facts, including the last time it ran, the next time it should run (unless it gets triggered another way), how many subscriptions (triggers), and how many devices it uses.