How to Run "Sync" and "Config" from Rule Machine?

I need to build a rule that will run "Sync" and "Config" on certain devices at various times. While several of my devices have a "Sync" button on the device page there is no way to activate it from a rule. Why is this not available?

Is Sync a command on the device page?

If so, have you tried Run Custom Action as the action?

Yes and yes. The Sync button is on all of my Hubconnect devices which is most all of them. I also have need to run the "Config" button from a rule.

If it's a command, you can run it from Rule Machine using a custom action as mentioned above. If you're having trouble getting there, it would be helpful to know where, maybe with a screenshot of where you're stuck? Or a log of an error if that's the problem?

Okay, I figured it out. I was trying to select the action (Sync or Config) first but it needed me to select the device's first. After selecting the device the Sync and Config commands became available.

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