How to reset all energy accumulators from an app?

I'm wondering if there is any means of programmatically reseting energy counters (length_of_accumulation, total energy) for all devices that accumulate (electrical) energy? Perhaps an app that could do this: I have a HEM (Aeon Labs), and several plug devices that accumulate energy (KWh), and would like to be able to regularly reset the counters perhaps once a month on a specific date/time.
I'm guessing this could be a driver issue, since all of the drivers have a reset button but no apparent means to invoke it programmatically.

You can use a custom command in a Rule.


OK, where is the documentation to do this, and how would it remotely "press" a button in a driver, which is not visible except on the driver page?

It's in the Rule Machine Documentation.

Here's an example of a Rule with reset() being called on four Energy Meters upon a button controller being triggered.

Here's how it gets setup ....


Thanks much for the hints! I'm going to try this, have built an app to do it based on day of month. Will see tomorrow if it works!


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