How to repeat after a delay in RM4?

I want a rule to wait five minutes, then speak, then repeat. It looks like there are a few ways to do this:

A: Two actions:

  1. Delay five minutes
    1.1 Send or Speak a Message
  2. Repeat every five minutes
    2.1 Send or Speak a Message

B: Repeat with delay

  1. Repeat every 5:00 min
    1.1 Delay 4:50
    1.1.1 Send or Speak a Message

C. It looks like the Send or 'Speak a Message' action has a delay built in:

  1. Repeat every 5:00 min
    1.1.1 Send or Speak a Message with 4:55 delay

Will all of these work? Option C seems simplest. How should the delay in B and C be chosen? Will the time it takes to speak the message delay the repeat? if yes, then the delay must be chosen carefully. If not, then it should be ok to use 5min for both the delay and the repeat.

What's the best way to do this?

In scenario A, you don’t need step 1.1 as the repeat won’t wait 5 minutes for the first execution. The repeat will wait for 5 minutes for the second execution.

I would go with option A without step 1.1 as it reads the cleanest to me. You can read out loud the steps and understand directly what you intended to do. But in the end it is personal preference

Ah, you're right. And it's even worse than that: In A, it will wait 5 minutes, then speak the message twice: once for 1.1 and then again as 2.1 starts.

Correct, that’s why I said to delete step 1.1

You can do the repeat every 5 minutes the speak and then end-rpt. Like this:

Delay 5 mins
Repeat actions every 5 mins
      Speak message

That's it.